Loam Grown

“I love the smell, the feel, the texture. It is consistent from bag to bag to bag. I saw a difference in the soil immediately. It really helps in breaking up the clay soil. I haven’t found any lumps, or weed seeds like you would find in other compost.”

– Vivian N., Garden Care Professional Landscaper

Loam Grown

Small Batch Organic Potting Soil


  • Ultimate Indoor Formula
  • Hand Made in Small Batches
  • Built With Soil Alive™
  • Invigorates Root Systems
  • Advanced Soil Microbiology Promotes Plant Health and Increases Yield
  • OMRI Listed
  • Ideal For All Stages of Growing

Loam Grown™ is the perfect potting soil for indoor growers.  We combine a light, fluffy growing media base with Buffaloam’s legendary Soil Alive™ premium soil additive to create an organic potting soil with amazing drainability, an ideal balance of microbiological organisms, and  complete nutrition for your plants.

Ingredients: Premium Coconut Coir, Expanded Shale, Perlite, Sphagnum Peat Moss, BuffaLoam Organic Buffalo Compost, Sea Kelp, Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizal Fungi, Rock Phosphate, Lignite-Based Humates, and Yucca Extract

Usage: Add Loam Grown™ to any pot or container, water thoroughly, and plant your seedling, clone, or transplant directly into the soil.  That’s it!  Water again when the top 3 inches of soil feels dry.  As your grow progresses, supplement with additional amounts of Soil Alive™ as needed.

Benefits: An affordable, all-in-one solution to grow big, healthy plants with exceptional aroma, flavor, and potency.  Gentle enough for any stage of your grow.  Small-batch production means tight quality control and consistency bag after bag, grow after grow. 



All BuffaLoam products are OMRI Listed and tested under US Composting Council Testing Assurance Program.