BuffaLoam Soil Alive

“With BuffaLoam I’m attaining a 55 day run of not needing to replenish my soil media, because I find the nutrition to be so persistent and sustainable. With my normal crop, I need replenishing every 10-14 days. I am also gaining significant increase in fruit and flower production.”

Professional grower / PhD in microbiology, Eureka, California

BuffaLoam Soil Alive 1-1.2-1.4

BuffaLoam Soil Alive

Premium Enhanced Soil Amendment

Introducing the Ultimate Growing Media Base for Specialty and Indoor Growers! Soil Alive™ is naturally packed with high levels of Organic Matter and Humus. To that we’ve added Lignite-based Humates, Endo-Ecto Mycorrihizal Fungi and more to give it a superior blend of Organic Growing Components.”

Soil Alive™ Helps:

  • Increase soil fertility through premium organic matter and humus
  • Improve soil structure
  • Increase activity of ion exchange capacity
  • Increase water saturation
  • Increase biological activity of soil media
  • Increase nutrient uptake with additional humates

Organic matter is the key ingredient for healthy soils that are highly productive. BuffaLoam Soil Alive averages over 35% Organic Matter. Add Soil Alive to your custom blend and improve your growing efficiency.

Ingredients: BuffaLoam Organic Buffalo Compost, Sea Kelp, Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizal Fungi, Rock Phosphate, Humates, Yucca Extract

Usage: Blend BuffaLoam Soil Alive with any indoor or outdoor soil or planting medium at a ratio of approximately 4 parts soil or planting medium to 1 part Soil Alive. Use additional Soil Alive depending on desired soil blend. Replenish with Soil Alive as needed. Store in a cool, dry place.

All BuffaLoam products are OMRI Listed and tested under US Composting Council Testing Assurance Program.