Arbor Stampede Tree and Shrub Starter

Arbor Stampede Premium Tree and Shrub StarterPremium Tree &
Shrub Starter
Arbor Stampede

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BuffaLoam Organic Arbor Stampede is a highly effective soil amending additive to support the establishment of new tree and shrub plantings.

Ingredients: Organic Buffalo Compost, Sea Kelp, Endo and Ecto-Mychorrizal Fungi, Yucca Extract

Usage: Blend Arbor Stampede with freshly dug soil and fill in top 6” from grade when backfilling. Use one 5# tube per 18” diameter hole.

Benefits: Highly rich in Organic Matter, increases soil’s water holding capacity, Assists the plant’s root system with the uptake of nutrients and water.

All BuffaLoam products are OMRI Listed and tested under US Composting Council Testing Assurance Program.