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The BuffaLoam Story

The American bison, or buffalo, is a symbol of western sustainability. Years ago, these majestic creatures were almost hunted to the point of extinction. Today they thrive on the free range, feeding on native grasses at Diamond Tail Ranch, located on the high plains of Colorado’s Laramie River Valley.

Quality You Can
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Our Premium Plant Food, Potting Soil and Soil Amendment products are made from 100% Buffalo Compost produced on our own ranch in the untamed Laramie River Valley of northern Colorado.  No mixed feedstocks. No blends, no added chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no unknown fillers or waste products. It is completely safe for people and pets. To ensure product consistency and purity our buffalo compost contains locally produced wood shavings and is composted for 2 years. The result is a rich, dark color and earthy, soil-like aroma for quality you can depend on.

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Mission Driven

BuffaLoam Brand organic plant products are made from buffalo compost solely sourced from the Diamond Tail Ranch in northern Colorado. Owned by the Duncan family, the ranch has been raising and caring for buffalo for over 25 years.

The Duncans are also partners with, and suppliers to Rocky Mountain Natural Meats, Henderson, Colorado. Rocky Mountain is the nation’s largest supplier of bison meat. Their Great Range Brand can be found in the country’s finest retail outlets and fine dining establishments.

Diamond Tail and Rocky Mountain work closely together to ensure product quality and proper and ethical animal husbandry practices. Diamond Tail Ranch is an active participant in the audit process.

BuffaLoam has been developed with a desire to foster the strong renaissance and regrowth of the majestic bison. Once hunted to near extinction, North American buffalo now exceed over 500,000 head.

By consuming the buffalo as meat, consumers have saved the animal from extinction. In the process, they have discovered a lean, healthy and tasty red meat.

By using BuffaLoam buffalo compost products on their plants and gardens, consumers can now benefit from the 10,000-year history of mutual dependency between buffalo manure and its historically healthy rangelands.

Both BuffaLoam Brand and Rocky Mountain Natural Meats are committed to this animal, its longevity and its benefit to today’s environmentally conscious customer. Our products are organic, sustainable and recyclable. The commitment to using “all parts” of the animal is our mission and our goal. Much like the native peoples who relied on all parts of the buffalo for their survival, we are committed to bringing products to the market with high beneficial use.